U  M  A  N  A

The Magazine for Art and culture

The Rules

The following rules are important and the central storage of "Bellezza Umana". The owner asks friendly to read all the rules correctly and slowly:

§ - (If there is the information of the individuals:  The owner will give every effort to enter as much information or supplement, as he can find. The owner works for his own family, that's why he has little free time. It can happen that the supplement of information takes time. The owner tries to do his best. He asks for your understanding!)

§ - (For the chapter "For the children"; The owner has the right to choose the pictures of the children. It is up to the owner, which images are recorded in the homepage and which are not!)

§ - (Pictures and paintings of children can be published at Bellezza Umana ONLY with parental permission!)

The rules about the contact and the inclusion in the magazine:

1. The owner examines the models, artist, actors, entrepreneur and special persons ONLY in Instagram. When the person  has no proffile on Instagram, there will be no contact and no choice and no search!

2. If the owner has found a person (female or male), than the owner will come in contact with them. The owner will ask the selected people, if he could portray them! If the owner has contacted (or sended his question to) a model, personality or actor, then the owner will waiting for a response.

3. Central language for communication is English or German.

4. The owner of Bellezza Umana, requires no money and no commercial service. Everything is free, and that is the reason why the owners of Bellezza Umana reserves the right, to save his artworks in the magazine, as long as his magazine remains registered!

5. When a model, a personality or an actor does not want to be registered in the website any more, the model or the personality or the actor must send an official letter or an e-mail and write to change the entry to be deleted.

5.1 If ther was an official entry in the magazine Bellezza Umana, but there comes a commission for a deletion, so the decision is up to the owner and holder of Bellezza Umana to let them in again or to be banned forever.

6. There is no money to give (unless donations or ffinancial support for the owner, is another negotiation)

7. There is no payment (no one pays the other with money, only with sportsmanship, good character and respect!)

8. There is no fee (the owner wants no payment or taxes for his work or his magazine)

9. Bellezza Umana is based on the "win-win-principle".

10. Bellezza Umana is an special magazine and stands for a promotion of art and culture - and people where promote art and culture:

To be included in the printed magazine, there are different rules. Because it is a promotion- project, and the author himself will decide whom he mentioned in his promotion. All persons who are included in the magazine, will not get paid, but; the people must not pay to be added in the magazine! Cooperation and character are important, when these two features are missing, there is no adding in to the magazine! - Important Information:  When a person wonder why they will not get paid, there is only one answer: "Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pay no money to anyone only because they provide a platform for publishing some informations of some people!". Here's how it works; Bellezza Umana enjoys a worldwide distribution and it is in many onilne bookstores available!

Because Bellezza Umana is only one; a promotion for people where promoting art and culture!

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