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For the children

Since I was as a child, I have painting and drawn a lot of pictures. I know how beautiful it is to paint and draw a lot of beautiful pictures. That's why I publish in my catalog a collection of special images on this chapter. Because, this chapter I dedicate our special little people, our children. The pictures and images on this chapter, were painted and drawn by children. And if I find a picture on the Internet, and if I like it, then the child is lucky because I put his image in my catalog. In this way, our children will be famous for a short time to give other people new inspirations and luck. 

God  protect  and  bless  our  children.

Because, they  are  the  one  who  keep  our  future alive!

(WARNING: The following pictures are not for commercial purposes. The copyrights belongs to the people who painted these pictures. All informations about the images are linked to their source. For more informations, please tap the image.)