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The Magazine for Art and culture

Bellezza Umana, was an idea with little success. But when some people were found who gave this idea a chance, the magazine has developed positively. My dream was to find a way to support other people without making their situation harder than it is. I was also not sure if this idea was good, but when I realized that there are people who are open for new ideas, my work could go on.I do not want to have control over other people who need help, I offer them once per year a support which has no cost to them. Advertising costs money, and there are many artists and special personalities who can not afford this promotion. My project is based on a win-win principle, and therefore it is a good thing for both sides; I earn minimal money but I have a lot of fun creating a magazine with new information about different people who promote art and culture; people do not earn anything through my magazines, but they get the opportunity to present their skills as unknown people, they get free advertising, they do not have to spend money and they can use the magazine as a kind of  a business card.

I'm not a Samaritan, I just have an idea that works. Because I know how difficult the way is, to work for the own dreams and passion. I wanted once, that someone gave me some help, but I never got anything like that because I was alone with my dreams. I was alone with my fight. Nobody believed me, at that time, that I'll ever become a writer. Today I published almost 12 books and I earn some money with them. It was a long hard fight, but I did it, and all people who did not believe in my dreams automatically they did not  believe in me either. All these people of that time, they are no longer my friends today.

Art and culture are important, but the people who promote art and culture are even more important. Therefore, these people deserve (if they wish) to be promoted, to get a name, to get some gratitude for their achievements. These people who promote art and culture may not perform miracles, and they do not make the world safer, but they are fighting for the world not to be lost and still remain a place to live in. Anyone who understands this philosophy and understands why I do it all, is welcome in Bellezza Umana.
The only thing that has nothing to look for in Bellezza Umana and has earned no place are political, religious or ideological themes. So NO politics, NO religion and NO ideology! - Only art and culture - and people who promote culture and art.

The owner, Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos says to every visitor welcome and wishes good luck and all the best.

With sportsmanship, respect (a little God's blessing) and humanity.

Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos.

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The owner of Bellezza Umana is Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos, born 1987 in Greece 22.Januar in the city Drama. He's nonfiction writer, illustrator and artist. For more information see the Link below:

Bio in english:  Scritptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos

Bio in german: Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos

Official Website: www.scriptorius-stefanos-sidiropoulos.de

If you have the interesst, you can visit all his books on the online bookstores: